Through the course of helping over 100 students during the 2009-2010 school year, members of the SAO have gained invaluable insight regarding the sanctions rendered from judicial proceedings. This knowledge will help us determine the possible sanctions that you or your friends could be facing if you have received written notice of pending charges against you from the Office of Student Conduct.

From the 2009-2010 school year, the SAO assisted students with:

  • 102 Alcohol Charges (70 First Offenses, 28 Second Offenses, 4 Third Offenses)
  • 9 Drug Charges
  • 2 Assault Charges
  • 3 Disorderly Conduct Charges
  • 7 Harassment Charges
  • 3 Malicious Damage Charge
  • 12 Noncompliance Charges
  • 17 Parietals Charges
  • 2 Investigations
  • 52 Unregistered Guest Charges

Additionally, the SAO has helped 8 students with proceedings at District Court stemming from incidents involving the Providence Police. Members of the SAO have been effective in working to ensure that the school did not find out about some of these charges.

What to expect:

In order for a student to be found in violation of College policy,  guilt must be proven by a “preponderance of evidence” meaning that it is more likely than not that the student committed a certain offense. The Office of Student Conduct evaluates charges brought against students on a “case by case basis,” meaning that there may or may not be consistencies regarding the sanctions rendered for particular charges. Additionally, while the Student Handbook outlines suggested sanctions for offenses such as alcohol and drug violations, these policies are guidelines that are not absolute or exhaustive. “Sanctions are applied
as appropriate given all circumstances.”

With that being said, due to the high volume of cases that members of the SAO have assisted with, students will be given an idea of possible sanctions that they may be up against. From referring back to previous cases, advisors can generate possible and/or likely sanctions that a student or group of students may face.

For a general idea on sanctions:

First offense alcohol: disciplinary warning or disciplinary probation (6months-1 year), five-page reflection paper, alcohol awareness program, motivational interview, community service

Second offense alcohol: disciplinary probation (1 year), parental notification, monetary fine, five-page reflection paper, alcohol awareness program, motivational interview, community service,

Marijuana possession: disciplinary probation (1 year), $250 fine, parental notification, five-page reflection paper

Crimes of violence: immediate housing relocation, disciplinary probation, counseling, reflection paper,

Malicious damage charges: disciplinary probation and counseling.

Parietals: not having guests on campus for a period of time and/or a reflection paper.

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