Welcome to the official website for the PC Student Advocacy Organization!

The Student Advocacy Organization was founded in September 2009 to address concerns regarding student rights at Providence College.

Mission statement: To inform students of their rights while on campus and to establish an advocacy group to support and encourage student empowerment.

What is the SAO?
The Student Advocacy Organization is a group dedicated to promoting the empowerment of students on campus. Through disseminating information concerning student rights, as well as being an outlet of helpful resources, the group seeks to elevate the propensity for the fair and just treatment of all students. As members of a small college family enriched by the values set forth in the Dominican tradition, all students have a right to have someone on campus advocate for them. The SAO is committed to helping every student with the needs that she/he may have.

Who we are:
The SAO are PC students who have concrete knowledge of school policy and experience with judicial proceedings on campus. Additionally, the SAO has access to legal counsel and can draw upon other resources such as national student rights organizations like the Foundation for the Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) and the Campus Freedom Network (CFN).

What we want to accomplish:
The SAO is dedicated to assisting students who are in need of support and guidance with regard to their individual rights to ensure fair and just treatment while at PC.

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