Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help the SAO?

The best way to support the SAO is by spreading the word about our organization to your friends. Our organization relies on referrals to help more and more students, therefore, the more student that know about us, the more our judicial advisors can reach out and assist students with any concerns they may have.

Does the SAO only help with judicial matters?

No, members of the SAO are ready to assist students with any needs they may have. From advising classes to dealing with parking tickets, the SAO is here to help students in any way possible.

If I contact the SAO will my info be shared with anyone?

All communication that a student may have with an advisor from the SAO is kept completely confidential. Emails for communication are handled through a different server instead of PC email.  Serving the sole interest of the student is the highest priority of the SAO.

I already had my hearing and received sanctions from Student Conduct….is it too late to contact the SAO?

No. If you have received sanctions that you believe to be unfair, a judicial advisor can assist you with an appeal as long as the time period for the appeal has not expired.

Is the SAO officially endorsed by the College?

No. The SAO is not an officially endorsed organization by the College. With that being said, this allows the SAO to remain completely free from regulation by the College and serves independantly for the sole purpose of assisting students.

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